Uganda Wildlife Education Center

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Uganda Wildlife Education Center — Behind the scenes animal experience.

This is one of the perfect places to visit in Uganda especially if you are may not have enough time to go to the national parks. It is the summary of what Uganda has to offer. The Center’s location on the edge of Lake Victoria 10 minutes away from Entebbe International Airport. Its rich vegetation surprisingly is a home to a wide range of birds, butterflies and other indigenous animals make it worth visiting. Popularly known as “Entebbe Zoo”, was opened in 1952, by the Colonial Government in Uganda, as a reception center for wild animals that were found as casualties (sick, injured, orphaned, confiscated from illegal trade). In the early 1960s, it changed its role to a traditional zoo (”Entebbe Zoo”), a name that has stuck to date. In May 1994, the UWEC Trust was founded to take over the zoo primarily for Conservation Education purposes.

Behind the scenes experience is a must do activity. What takes place is that you go in with a in keeper of the specified animals, you get a chance to feed the animals at close range. Maybe you had a dream of feeding and touching an African elephant or other animals.

The famous animals are the giraffe, Eland, Cheetahs, Shoebill stock, Lions ,Rhinos and the chimpanzee feeding. This experience is also .As K safaris, We recommend this visit at the last day of your wildlife and gorilla trekking safari but can also be at the beginning.

Visiting this facility is not scheduled but requires pre-booking especially if you are to participate in behind the scenes

Ngamba Chimps and Uganda Wildlife Education Center behind scenes
Uganda Wildlife Education Center - Entebbe Zoo

Things To Do

  • Behind the scenes experience
  • Normal visit to the animal exhibits

Price for Activity

$70 per person for entrance and Behind the scenes

Close Attractions

  • Kampala ( 45 Km. 1 to 2 hours’ drive)
  • Ssezibwa Falls (95 km, 1-2 hour drive)
  • Lake Mburo ( 233 km about 3 to 4 hours’ drive)

Recommended duration of stay

The experience of behind the scenes takes between 2 hours to 4 hours depending on interest and time spent in each exhibit. Usually starts at 9:00 am but the opening of the facility is at 8:00 am and closed at 5:00pm.

You can participate in this activity if you arrive in the afternoon and spending a night in Entebbe or Kampala. It is also possible to participate if you are checking in at the Airport after 5:00pm. Do not spend long hours waiting on Transit yet you can have an experience of a lifetime.


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