Ndere Cultural Centre

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Ndere Cultural Centre

Endere means flute, a musical instrument used universally by all world cultures. It was founded in 1986 and has over time exceeded the expectations of the visitors to move across the borders of Uganda to part of the east and central African region performing dances of the indigenous people giving it monopoly of a whole 3 hours of a cultural evening while in Kampala-Uganda.

The story becomes meaningful when you realize that the proceeds have been reverted to education of the young dancers that have gone back to school and others have graduated overtime.

What makes it special is the more than 40 cultural performances almost summarizing all the culture in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi not forgetting the Democratic republic of Congo.

The open area arena sitting gives you the cool breeze of an evening with the mouthwatering barbeque and buffet dinner as you watch young talented energetic dancers leaving you at the edge of your seat maybe to join them.

Hold on you can join them at the end of the show to dance making it memorable experience in Kampala.

The show is scheduled and takes place three times a week: Wednesday  starting 7:00Pm, Friday starting 7:00pm and Sunday family show starting at 6:00pm.

Ndere Center Uganda
Ndere Center Uganda Cultural performances

Things To Do

  • Enjoy the various cultural performances
  • Recommended for dinner

Price for Activity

$45 per person for entrance and a meal

Suggested Itinerary: Kampala City Extension Tour

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Recommended duration of stay

If you love African culture and dance this would be a moment of your life. It can be done the day of arrival or departure as long as it falls within the days of the show (Wednesday, Friday and Sunday). The shows takes to about 3 hours of great entertainment as you enjoy an African food experience.

They also have accommodation facilities for those who wish to stay overnight. What a nice way to start your journey, you need to reflect on the wildlife and gorilla safari as well as the culture and some dancing.


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