Kidepo Savannah Lodge

Simple Class Lodge

Kidepo Savannah Lodge

On the edge of one of the most beautiful National Parks in Uganda…

Our latest and most remote property of Nature lodges, Kidepo Savannah Lodge does justice to this wildlife gem which has received several international awards as one of the greatest Parks of Africa.

Kidepo Savannah LodgeKidepo Savannah Lodge

The lodge is inspired by the savannah surroundings, the grasslands, rocky outcrops, and … by the Karamojong, the tribe with their typical manyattas and colorful blankets.  The lodge had to blend in rather than stick out, so we opted for a choice between the more luxurious self-contained safari tents and comfortable lazy camping tents.

Whichever you would choose for, we strive to offer you a great value for money.