Kabalega Wilderness Lodge

Mid Class — Murchison Falls N.Park

Kabalega Wilderness lodge

In Murchison Falls N.Park

Inspired by the breath-taking splendor of the wild landscapes of Murchison falls National Park and the history and culture of the Bunyoro region of Uganda. Kabalega Wilderness Lodge will amaze you with its allure and unique location. It comprises of individual safari cabins spread throughout 7 acres of bustling bushes on the banks of the streaming waters of the mighty River Nile.

Kabalega Wilderness lodgeKabalega Wilderness lodgeKabalega Wilderness lodge


All the lodge structures are made out of architectural of Mud and wood, and the roff is thatched with hand-picked grass from the rolling plains of the neighboring villages. The walls are plastered African style with mud and wattle in an African Contemporary twist. The lodge is tastefully decorated with rustic safari furnishings and fixtures carefully handcrafted from local and natural materials. The cabins and dining all feature an open design to offer a feeling of oneness with nature and breathtaking, uninterrupted views of the magnificent and wild surroundings ensuring that your unique safari experience continues even when at the lodge.

Kabalega Wilderness lodge derives its name from Omukama (King) Chwa II Kabalega, also Kabalega (18 June 1853 – 6 April 1923), who was the ruler of Bunyoro in Uganda from 1870 to 1899 and is considered the greatest King in the history of Uganda. The Bunyoro Kingdom is the home of Murchison Falls National Park; our lodge is a tribute to this great King and the people and culture of Bunyoro.

Reference: kabalegalodge.com

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