African Safari Lodges, Resorts & Hotels



When planning an African Safari holiday for family and friends, one of the most crucial questions in planning the trip is where one would find a safe, beautifully located, quiet , clean accommodation. Even sometimes after driving on the rough roads, dusty or long flight, one would want to take a hot shower in a clean place with good food and then rest in a selection beautiful cozy African Safari Lodges.

K safaris while organizing with you your dream African safari or vacations greatly considers the importance of good sleep and resting in the most range of African Safari Lodges. These African Safari Lodges we suggest are a variety of different accommodations with great reviews and beautiful pictures that would provide the best African safari atmosphere to relax, privacy and great food experience to measure up to your Affordable Safari description.

The Affordable African Safari Lodges we select or recommend some may be underrated by the whole world but will give you the best experience while on your Africa safari with us. We have hand picked based on service, good feedback, location to the activities, great food, good staff and the taste of luxury. While our wish is tp ensure that your affordable African Safari is memorable and safe, we also leave room of choice and direct participation to you but give you our suggestions as you travel with us.