Responsible Tourism

Giving back to the environment & community we work in.

Travelling Responsibly

On all trips with us, every traveller has a chance to give back to the community that lives around the destinations we take you to. From each traveller, we give away one purifying water filter to a school or family in your presence.

As a young steady growing company, K Safaris has been passionate about tourism and its sustainable growth in the capacity as a company for that matter 10% of money on each tour directly or indirectly goes back to the community. “Help does not come from afar before you actually have made no effort to render it to your own”. We have been consistently implemented as the company in the following areas for the people and communities around the tourism zones. Sustainable tourism is not a one man show or one project in a particular area but a responsibility of tour companies, tour guides and the travelers themselves.

Truth is the people who travel are willing to help but either they are misinformed or money they donate lands in wrong hands that creates little on no impact for the sustainability. Having noted this as a company, we set out to work with credible organisations and also random households or schools along the tourist routes.

K Safaris went on to research and see how effective some of the methods would function. As our visitors travel with us we have been encouraging them to interact with the local communities as much as possible, buying fruits directly, stopping by road side markets and around the lodges as well as schools, orphanages and other community projects. With this effort, we have seen results and golden opportunities for the last two years.

Responsible Tourism Projects

We have worked with the following Projects:

Change a life Bwindi,

Ruhanga Development School,

Special needs Special Children

Tuzure Art project Kampala and

Miriam High school Kisasi which is close to our office as well as where some of our girls we sponsor school from.

The faces of both our visitors and communities lit up in dances and happiness as we witness this growth. Our main focus has been on the following;

Safe clean drinking water.

In the month of October 2018, K Safaris partnered with a former client who particularly picked interest in our message and started a Facebook campaign to buy water filters that we distributed to different households, schools , communities and special children organization. Some of the Photos are on our Facebook page.

Volunteer travel with K safaris Uganda

Education for the young people.

K Safaris and the Director Asiimwe Richard Kacururu has a passion and drive to educate the girl child at any age and in his wild dream he freely shares and as of today has about 5 children he pays school fees for on scholarship basis.

This vision has touched others who have so far added another 3 girls bringing the total to 8 from different regions and we are still counting. A sustainable good education is our responsibility as a company and we would say this is the fulfillment of our business and as individuals in K safaris.

giving back to community in Uganda

Health Watch

(We donated water filter to one of the Medical facilities in Kampala. Name withheld due to sensitivity of the institution. We are however in talks with the health travelers to ensure that we start health camps alongside tourism for free or minimum treatment fee as we use tourism in a much sustainable way. We project to start giving out re-usable sanitary towels to girls in the rural tourism areas and schools next year.

volunteer sports

Sports (Women in sports)

We are in talks with a female volley ball club in Kampala to start sponsoring then in a cause of awareness and as a product to tap in the sports tourism and we see the beauty of Uganda and Rwanda.

Our concentration goes to women and children as the marginalized however we do not forget the boy child to balance the equation.

Do you want to become a part of our responsible travel efforts, email us at

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