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“To travel is better than to arrive”

It is not the destination that matters most but what happens along the way that yields the experience.

With over 20 destinations to choose from in Uganda and neighbouring destinations, the journey we care most about is the one that’s on your wish-list. Whether you are looking for cultural tours, city breaks, wildlife encounters or misty jungle experiences, we’ll transform your travel ideas into unforgettable holiday experiences.

Our Team

At K Safaris, our people have always been at the heart of our company.

Our team comes from all walks of life, and many have first-hand knowledge of the destinations we offer having lived, worked and experienced those places repetitively. So they understand the little intricacies, local customs and unique quirks that are essential to know and are invaluable when it comes to ensuring you make the most of your time and budget.

Find out a little more about our team below, where you can meet just a handful of our Destination Specialists sharing some of their recent travel experiences and top tips on our blog timeline.

Asiimwe Richard Kacururu

Founder, Team Leader, Driver, Guide

As a young man growing up in Rural western Uganda in one of the routes to Bwindi Impenetrable park he would admire tourist vehicles and definitely one of the small boys who would dance and sing Muzungu. Muzungu and he is with K safaris what a dream come true. He has been in tourism industry for more than 11 years. With experience both as a safari consultant and guide you will find comfort in traveling with him not forgetting his sense of humor and care.

Kobugabe Evelyn

Tour Consultant

”I am a fighter and will not lose the battle to succeed. With what I have been through in life, I still wake up each day and know that one day all my dreams will come true”

We believe what she says and yes her determination to achieve is what convinced us to have her on the team. She grew up right at the edge of Bwindi forest and has passion to beat the odds and myths of girls her age which gives her advantage of tourism performance right from a tender age. She is good with details and ensures that each confirmed safari has been reserved well to the last detail and has 3 years of tourism office experience.

Kaita Ivan

Driver & Guide

“I love Action, tourism is my life and each time on the road with visitors am asking myself if i will measure up to their expectations. I love showing them around and I always do my best to perform to the expectations of the visitors. I have strive each time to ensure that they enjoy and return safely home”.

Fun loving with a calm demeanour, Ivan compels us to challenge him at any given time. Born in Western Uganda around the long-horned cattle, I van loves and understands the Ugandan cultures really well, which makes him our best choice of cultural guide. For over 5 years, Ivan worked with Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, that put him in the centre of Uganda's Wildlife, giving him an edge that he enjoys as a Uganda safaris guide. He will give you attention and a treat while on safari that will make you appreciate Uganda and Rwanda.

Kisanya Isaac

Driver & Guide

“As I drive, i am mindful of the people I am carrying because driving a big car requires patience, attentiveness and being sober all the time to ensure safety of all my people. I love them to be happy so i ensure that i am flexible enough and speak where necessary”.

Isaac is a calm driver coming all the way from the East in Iganga. He is also nice to be around willing to sacrifice and ensures that his visitors are happy. He has been driving for more that 15 years and now has an experience in tourism for about 7 years. He loves team work and follows instructions and will deliver as expected.

Sietske Nobel

Team Member

“The biggest thrill you can ever achieve is to live the life of your dreams ~ Oprah Winfrey”

I am a travel addict, I believe in living life through experiences and creating memories. With my first visit to Uganda I ticked off having visited 6 continents. I also fell in love with Africa; the wildlife, the landscape and the people.

Meeting Richard and becoming part of his team has changed my life. Every time I come back we’ll go explore a different part and at the same time I try to make a difference for people by sponsoring kids so they can go to school and have a future, donating water filters so people have access to clean water, promoting local projects and making the world aware.

Our Story

“To travel is better than to arrive”.

It is not the destination that matters most but what happens along the way that yields the experience. Gorilla Tracking, Gorilla-Trekking may not mean the same but all bring you close to the endangered Mountain Gorillas at close range in an incomparable experience that has become our goal to bring to your notice. We are one of the best destination management companies working with individual travelers, Suppliers or travel platforms like Safari Bookings, Trip Advisor as we ensure that your Gorilla Tracking safari to either Bwindi Impenetrable national park or in the volcanoes (Virunga complex) becomes a memorable one.

Who says Gorilla Tracking can be done only once? At K safaris we say that for as long as you can do it more than once and actually afford it why not two times or more at different locations and different countries. So we are flexible enough to give you a chance to do Gorilla Tracking for each Gorilla family has a different terrain and different experience with this combination, you are not limited to choice of one Gorilla family. While on a Gorilla Tracking, Gorilla Trekking, or Gorilla Safari, we ensure that your accommodation is comfortable according to your taste and class. We do not run out of options for the lodges right from the ones in the heart of the forests to the ones in the communities giving you better experience while on your trip for Gorilla Tracking, Gorilla Trekking, or Gorilla Safari.

At K Safaris, we concentrate on being the best Gorilla Tracking safari and other wildlife tour Company. We are fully registered with the Ugandan government and other tourism bodies to operate business legally, high level of integrity and professionalism, quick e-mail response and not to mention the qualified staff at all levels from Degree holders in tourism and Hospitality Management to Tertiary Institutions of Tourism and our Safari Guides are trained by tourism bodies giving you the best experience while on safari.

Responsible Tourism operator in Uganda

Responsible Travel

K Safaris promotes Sustainable tourism and responsible travel. We are mindful to our environment and culture so we try our level best to ensure that our Safaris create a positive impact.

While you travel with us, we ensure that you safely experience Ugandan and Rwandan cultures through stop overs in some African setting homes, roadside African markets, local community projects on request and also ensuring that 10% of our profit goes back to the community like Orphanages, Community Projects both in Uganda and Rwanda.

As we do this we are also mindful of using the best means of transport in terms of cars. We use 4X4 cars only to ensure safety, value for money, reduce on delays and excuses for any season throughout the year.

Read about our responsible travel policy

Our Safari Trips

  • Is it Gorilla Tracking Safari you want to experience or it is the chimpanzees tracking/Habituation or any other wildlife safari?
  • Is it the Africa Big 5 Game Animals?
  • Is it the fragile or rare bird species you are looking?
  • Do you want to hear the singing of the crickets in the middle of deep African tropical rain forests or the sound of hot wind as you enjoy the best game drives, want to see real laughter of African children and their smiling faces?
  • Are you Curious about how an African market looks like?
  • Wondering how African communities live like?

Describe what you would want, we will help you record capture and carry each memory in Uganda and Rwanda throughout your life time. Should you choose to travel with us; we do it differently, better, much fun and flexibility. We simply leave you speechless.

Why Chose K Safaris

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Why you should travel with us

At K safaris, as we execute wildlife and gorilla safaris, we are mindful of traveler’s experience and expectations as they travel to Africa whether first time or many times especially to Uganda and Rwanda. We avoid surprises and engage you from the first enquiry to when we say good bye at the Airport.

Professional and Knowledgeable Indigenous Team

“No one can tell a story or experience about a place like the natives you find in that area”.

K Safaris team is entirely indigenous to Uganda and Rwanda with the tourism training and background. Coming to Africa, Uganda and Rwanda in particular would become more fun with a companion in travel and that is where we introduce to you the best safari tour guides male and female (Not Just drivers). We are gender sensitive and have some of the best professional female tour guides (link to the team) that spices up the experience as they show you the beauty of these two great countries, they have lived in for long.

Passionate, Experienced, Fast at Email Response and easy payment flexible payment methods.

K Safaris team for some time has steadily and consistently been in the lead of planning and executing the best wildlife and gorilla safari experiences for solo travelers, groups to family tour experiences. Some of the visitor experiences and reviews are shared on Trip Adviser or Safari Bookings . Why pay more for less? or why do what everyone else is doing? These two questions have become our business to bring in another flavor or dimension of travel planning and yes we have succeeded in tailor designing travel trips or safaris together with our travelers to deliver the best experience one can get in Uganda and Rwanda.

We ensure you get the right and honest answers on time, in detail and up to-date based on our good research and knowledge of these two countries so that by the time you travel with us we have left no stone un-turned. With our online payment options, you can either use your bank or credit card to pay for your trip this makes it easy and secure to travel with us. We give experience of a lifetime with safety in mind because you deserve it.

We give back 10% of your total pay as we directly involve communities to benefit from Tourism.

K safaris believes that each person deserves to have clean water, going to school, medical attention and it is part of our social responsibility to make this happen as the people we effect directly appreciate tourism and hence sustainable conservation and tourism. With your booking confirmed with us you have taken at least a child to school, provided a safe drinking water filter to a home or school or bought at least re-usable sanitary towels to a girls that has to go to school.

We know you would love to help where you can and this is optional but your booking with us makes a difference in Uganda and Rwanda as we let you directly get involved in this. We directly partner with Change a life Bwindi and Ride for a Woman (Link to their websites) that have been instruments of change.

Memberships & Associations

We have been vetted by Government and belong to Association of Tour operators

K safaris is a fully registered Tour company dealing in wildlife and gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. We are also proud members of Association of Uganda Tour Operators which is instrumental checks and balances of tour companies in Uganda. We also partner with Uganda Wildlife Authority which is in charge of all conservation of national parks in Uganda which includes the issuing of Gorilla permits. This gives us an upper hand in obtaining Gorilla permits that become scarce sometimes. We are legit and operate with confidence.

“We cannot promise what we cannot deliver, we never run out of options, we make it possible for you to get the experience at all cost.”

Payment Options

Bank Transfer ($35 Bank charge)

Bank Name : Diamond Trust Bank P.O Box 7155 Kampala
Account Name : K Safaris
USD A/C Number : 0056240002
Branch Code : 007
Branch Name : Ntinda
Country : Uganda
Swift Code : DTKEUGKA

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